luni, 31 decembrie 2007

Fire Burns Forever

In the silence of the night

Where you can hear the moon whispering

Telling you to go hide away

In the deepest corner of the forest,

You are just standing there




And trying to take the right decision…

Sitting there in the valley

Freezing, while watching the snow

Gently covering you.

All of a sudden when you lost all hope

A warm touch brings you back to life

You feel as strong as the gods

Able to lift the mountains

To control the winds

To change the curse of the rivers

Just by snapping yore fingers

And you wonder…

What made you feel like that?

You start thinking, and you suddenly see

A small shadow, trying to run from you.

And you run as fast as you can,

But it’s not fast enough.

You try to take a look at here face

But you cant notice anything

She trips and you jump

In a desperate attend to catch her.

You take a long look in to here eyes

And you soon discover

The face of the one that you once loved.

Shocked you just let go

Entering into a confusion

Not knowing what to think

All of a sudden

Without any warning

You find yourself all alone again

Feeling numb and scared.

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